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The Tennessee-Georgia Rocky Top Roundup

A quick round up of the Vologosphere's reaction to last night's big win over the 'Dawgs:

The 8th Maxim:

I was glad to see Arian Foster back, Coker still running like a man, and I don't know if you all caught this or not but Montario Hardesty had one run all night and in that run he straight hit a hole like a man. Really small part of the game but I was very proud, the kid is showing progress, no matter how petty of a play it was.

The Vol Abroad:

I have to admit I was little pessimistic. Sure, Bulldog fans had their doubts - they knew Georgia was more bark than bite this year, but was Tennessee up to it?

Since I'm 5 hours ahead of Knoxville, I usually check scores first thing Sunday morning. I stumbled out of bed, muttering hopeful thoughts half under my breath since the husband was still asleep in.

But when I hollered out "Yeah, baby" he mumbled "Did the Vols win?" So I guess he was awake after all.

Big Orange Michael:

How about the second half?!?

I had moments of doubt during the second quarter tonight, but it all turned OK as the Vols routed the Georgia Bulldogs 51-33 tonight.

Superlative second half by Tennessee, creating opportunities and taking advantage of them.

So now the visiting team has won this game the past three years. My challenge to the Vols for next year is to take back Rocky Top from the Bulldogs and start another decade of dominance over the Bulldogs.

Swap Blog:

Well I missed the UT vs GA game final that is for sure. The game is not over when I type this, but UT is already at 44 and GA is at 33. WOW!!! What a game.

I think UT is going to win this and I LOVE BEING WRONG!!!

Haiku of the id:

That's what I'm talking about. That was some serious football.

We have two weeks to work on our rally against Alabama. Go Vols.

Girl from the South:

Perhaps this is just an old UT bias, but I really cannot stand ESPN coverage. When UGA was up, they kept commenting, "Some have questioned the strength of UGA, but this shows that their defense is the real thing."

Then when UT was winning they started comparing Erik Ainge to the Patron Saint of the state of Tennessee--Peyton Manning. Cutcliffe has done a lot with Ainge, but it's a bit much to compare him to Peyton.

Commentators on a whole are annoying, but ESPN has the worst.

But all of this doesn't matter because WE BEAT THE DAWGS IN ATHENS! Freakin' Sweet!