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Tennessee-Georgia: post-game awards

  • Best Ripley's Believe it or Not: More than half a hundred on the Georgia Bulldog defense?  The one that was 32nd nationally in rushing defense, 6th nationally in total defense, 5th nationally in pass defense, and first in scoring defense?
  • Best Jekyl and Hyde: John Chavis' defense, which, in the first half, forced no turnovers and gave up 210 yards, two touchdowns, and a field goal to the Georgia offense.  In the second half, though, the defense forced three interceptions and one fumble, and allowed Georgia only 106 yards and nine points.
  • Worst memory: Tennessee fans, who, despite the historical implications of such an attitude, were all chatty before the game about the Vols' margin of victory and backup QB Jonathan Crompton's playing time.
  • Worst good news, bad news:  The good news?  It's looking like Tennessee might be able to run the rest of the SEC table.  The bad news?  It's looking like Florida will.
  • Best repeat performance: Erik Ainge, who traveled to Athens for the second time and came out with a second win and some pretty nifty stats as well:  25 of 38 for 268 yards and two touchdowns.
  • Worst repeat performance: Georgia's special teams return units, which followed up last year's punt return for a touchdown with one 86-yard punt return for a touchdown and one 99-yard kick return for a touchdown.
  • Best return of a favor: Tennessee sealed the game with a four-minute minute drive for a touchdown (actually two of them in a row) while protecting the lead.  Sort of like Georgia did to us last year.
  • Best new star: Antonio Wardlow, who scampered around a defender to block a punt in the end zone, bounced up,  and ran down the ball before it wobbled out of bounds, scoring a touchdown.
  • Best hops: Head coach Phillip Fulmer,  who made like a pogo stick after the surprise Gatorade victory bath.

If you haven't seen them already, check out the game's animated drive charts and the Flash stats and charts.