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Rocky Top Talking Points: LSU Wednesday

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Stuff for the water cooler or coffee machine this morning:

  • The basketball Vols beat, let me see, Lemoyne-Owen (sounds like one of Thurston Howell's offspring) 126-66.  JaJuan Smith had 22 points, and Tony Passley and Wayne Chism each scored 17.  They started the game on a 22-2 run, hitting their first eighteen shots.  Wow.  And by the way, their starting lineup consisted of Marques Johnson at point guard, Chris Lofton and JaJuan Smith on the wings, Dane Bradshaw at power forward, and Duke Crews at center.
  • Jonathan Wade's been named the SEC Defensive Player of the Week.  Laid a lick on a South Carolina receiver separating him from the ball so that teammate Marvin Mitchell could pick it out of the air and run it in for a touchdown.  Saved a touchdown by picking a tipped pass out of the air in South Carolina's end zone on the next series.  Had a nice fourth-down tackle for a two-yard loss later in the game.  The man is solid.
  • The Tennessee-Arkansas game will be either (1) on CBS at 3:30, (2) on ESPN at 7:45, (3) ESPN2 at 7:00, or (4) Lincoln Financial at 12:30.  Or maybe CMT at 2:27 a.m.
  • Ainge in Orange says he'll be ready to play against LSU this Saturday and that he's not concerned about missing a couple of practices because most of his game-week preparation is mental anyway.  Fulmer says he needs to practice.
  • Apparently, there's an outside chance that running back LaMarcus Coker could be back in time to play against Arkansas.  That would be excellent news, as he had sparked a running attack that is currently ranked 10th in the SEC and is averaging the fewest rushing yards in a season since 1964.
  • Corn from a Jar is understandably wary of LSU's Jekyll and Hyde act and is concerned about their front seven on defense, which he describes as "a marauding band of cannibalistic savages looking to feast on the flesh of any quarterback or running back foolish enough to get within arm's length."  It was Halloween, after all.
  • Virginia Tech can have its lunchpail.  We walk softly and carry a big stick!
  • Tennessee-South Carolina YouTubage: