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Animated BCS Race: weeks eight through eleven

Please note that this site is not affiliated with the Bowl Championship Series or any university athletic program.

A bunch of brand new stuff to watch in the race to the national championship, starting with week eight, when Michigan jackhammers the Hawkeyes into tiny little bits, Texas hooks the Cornhuskers, and Tennessee rolls the Tide.

Week nine features the Florida Gator doing what Gators do to future food, and week ten features a shootout between the Mountaineers and a bird with teeth.

This past weekend began with an upset-minded Rutgers getting a second shot at kicking the toothed-bird to death and Texas, Auburn, and Cal getting ambushed from behind.

Click on the graphic below to view the Animated BCS Race.  If you want to skip directly to any particular week, click on the green buttons below the race (you may need to scroll down to see them, depending on your browser).  There are smackdowns in weeks three and six, but for the best feel for how we've gotten to where we are, watch from the beginning. If you want to replay any particular week, you may have to click some other week before clicking the week you want to see.  I don't know why . . . it's a mystery.  Any Flash button geek out there got any ideas?

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