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BlogPoll draft: week 11

Rank Team Delta
1 Ohio State --
2 Michigan --
3 Arkansas 4
4 Notre Dame 1
5 Southern Cal 7
6 Florida 3
7 LSU 6
8 West Virginia 3
9 Rutgers 1
10 Louisville 7
11 Texas 7
12 Wisconsin 3
13 Wake Forest 8
14 Auburn 6
15 California 9
16 Boise State --
17 Oklahoma --
18 Georgia Tech --
19 Virginia Tech --
20 Tennessee 6
21 Boston College 1
22 Maryland 4
23 Nebraska 2
24 Clemson --
25 Brigham Young 1

Dropped Out: Oregon (#20), Texas A&M (#23).


Wow.  Longhorns, Tigers, and Bears.  Oh my.  Lotsa big numbers on them deltas due to each of these teams suffering that fatal second loss.  The Gators clicked their heels just in time and avoided their second loss, but lost a few stylin' points in the process.  The Cards suffered the equivalent of a second loss with a single loss in the Big East.

Arkansas No. 3?  McFadden.  Ground Hog.  [Peeking out between my fingers.] Has he stopped scoring yet?  Woo pig sooey and all that, however you spell it.

LSU, first best second loss team.  May roast the pigs, which will make a great animation, so, you know, I'm all for that.

Boise State at No. 16?  They're undefeated, man.  Well, so am I, and I'm only mildly less aggressive in selecting opponents.

Okay, but undefeated Rutgers behind two-loss LSU?  Mmmm-hmmm.  Played them.  Know them.  They's good.

Wake Forest.  An oversight until this week, thus the jump.

I hereby disclaim all accountability for Nos. 20-25.

Update [2006-11-13 21:56:4 by Joel]: Man, I forget this every time. I saw the Florida-South Carolina game, the Vols-Hogs, and bits and pieces of a bunch of others.