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Maxwell Pundit: this one goes to eleven

Here's the RTT Maxwell Pundit ballot for week eleven.  Rakes of Mallow posts the weekly standings Wednesday mornings, so head over there noon-ish for this week's results.

No. 1: The Troy Smith of The Ohio State University.  The Troy Smith stays in The Lead for The Keeping of His Head, for The Not Looking Ahead, and for The Taking Care of Business Against Northwestern Instead of Looking Ahead to Michigan.  Side note: two interceptions in two consecutive games?  The Horror.

No. 2: Darren McFadden: Ground Hog.  I'll let my immediate post-game exercise in minimalism speak for me here:

Ground Hog Day

Second Quarter, 12:36 remaining: Darren McFadden 17 yard TD run.

Second Quarter, 6:51 remaining: Darren McFadden 12 yard run-fake, TD pass.

Second Quarter, 2:46 remaining: Darren McFadden five yard TD run.

If McFadden is still scoring when I wake up in the morning . . . .

No. 3: B. Quinn. Hmmm.  Fourteen of 19 for 207 yards, four TDs, and zero INTs against Air Force.  Benchmark: Ainge in Orange went 24 of 29 for 333 yards, three TDs, and one INT against the Falcons.  Okay, then.

No. 4: LaMarr (the quarterback) Woodley. A fumble recovery for a 54-yard TD.  Fourteen solo tackles for a total loss of 123 yards.  Eleventy solo sacks for 111 yards.  Egads, I think he's gained more yards than the Volunteer running backs.

No. 5: As yet unnamed MVP of the Biggest Game in the History of Ever.  Someone in either Maize and Blue or a sweatervest will have an exceptional game when it matters most.  If it's The Troy Smith or LaMarr Woodley, he's a lock for my No. 1.  Maybe it's Ted Ginn, Jr.  Or Mike Hart.  Or Henne, Manningham, or one of the other assassins on the Wolverines' front four.  Maybe it's one of the faceless cogs in the Buckeye wrecking machine.  Whomever.  A stellar performance on the Big Stage seals the deal.

Others considered: Robert Meachem (cause of action for battery against Arkansas' Chris Houston notwithstanding), Steve Slaton, Calvin Johnson, Mike Hart, Ray Rice, Pat White, Ted Ginn, Jr., Patrick Willis, Erik Ainge.