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Rocky Top Talking Points: Vandy Thursday edition

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Quickly today.  I'm out of caffeinated coffee!  Must.  Go.  Find.  Some.

  • Corn from a Jar is having a little fun with ellipses.
  • The Maxwell Pundit results are up over at Notre Dame blog Rakes of Mallow. The top five right now are Troy Smith, Brady Quinn, LaMarr Woodley, Darren McFadden, and Ray Rice.  Also, Tennessee is No. 21 in this week's BlogPoll.
  • I want to thank our newest sponsor, Tailgate Town, which has just about every Vol-Related item you could ever think of and some you couldn't.  Head on over the check 'em out.
  • Fulmer is fuming about having to play two of this season's toughest games without his best players, but says the team's attitude is just right for the last couple of games of the season.  Ainge will, inf fact, play. Let's hope the defense is ready to contain Vandy mobile QB Chris Nickson.  Two opposing quarterbacks have, by themselves, outrushed the entire Volunteer offense in the last three weeks.  Steve Spurrier's Syvelle Newton ran for 85 yards and JaMarcus Russell ran for 71 against the Vols, who have also struggled against Air Force's Shaun Carney and Florida's Tim Tebow.  Fulmer says Nickson is as fast as Newton and a better passer.
  • LaMarcus Coker says he is back at about 98%.  He's excited about running behind Jacques McClendon, who may have usurped the starting right guard spot while filling in for an injured Anthony Parker.
  • Don't forget about the Tennessee-Vandy Hail Mary Haiku.  I'm going to keep the entries open through today and open up the voting tomorrow.