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Vote for the winner of the Tennessee-Vandy Hail Mary Haiku

Vote (on the right sidebar) for the winner of the Tennessee-Vandy Hail Mary Haiku.  Here are this week's entries:

Rusty, Georgia Podcast Network:

Frightened Commodores,
Wobbly knees at sight of Ainge,
Go feast on their tears.


Vols Versus Vandy
Vols Vie with Vim and Vigor
V for Victory!


Only twice in my life
Have the Vols lost to Vandy
Let's not do it again


You're smart and we're dumb
Except for football; where Ornge*
Pwn3s the Black and Gold

* Or-ange would be 2 syllables, so I choose to give it the East Tennessee treatment and shorten it into a 1 syllable word; ornge.


Last year perfect storm,
But Lightning can't strike twice!
All is normal now.

Corn from a Jar:

Remember what they
say: behind every 'Dore is
a Tennessee score!

Rocky Top Talk:

Last year's sorry sight?
Helmets strewn in the end zone.
This year keep head gear.