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Rocky Top Talking Points: Vandy Friday

Talking points!

  • Senior receiver Jayson Swain is lavishing praise upon the humble Robert Meachem.
  • This just in: No. 1 Ohio State plays No. 2 Michigan on Saturday.  Brian promises to have a round up of what the sports blogosphere is saying about the game sometime today or tomorrow.

  • Corn from a Jar and 8th Maxim have both done some nice work looking at the key numbers for this weekend's game against Vanderbilt.  An excerpt from CFAJ:
    Cassen Jackson-Garrison will go off tackle for 7. You will grimace. He'll go up the middle for 12. You'll cringe. He'll go outside for 8. You'll curse. Chris Nickson will break contain for 28. You'll throw something at the TV. Please don't break your TV, it will get better when Nickson throws that pick that Wade takes to the house.
  • Ainge in Orange is "100% healthy" ($)  and will definitely start versus the Commodores.
  • Mike Strange has a novel take ($) on how Vol opponents this year have unleashed a new defensive look against Tennessee.
  • Dave Hooker's Tennessee-Vandy podcast is up.