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Vote for the winner of the Tennessee-LSU Hail Mary Haiku

Here are the entries for the Tennessee-LSU Hail Mary Haiku.  Sorry for missing some of the links -- running out of time.

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The Tigers are scared,
Ainge passes over their heads,
Les Miles loses hat.


Ainge has final laugh
that shuts Tiger yack of last
year's commedic show.


Orange Ainge will drop
da bomb on bayou bengals.
Bret Smith - give him six!!!


Meachem,Swain or Smith
in the end zone do they list.
Ainge connects for six !!

Volunteer Rebel:

Ainge ready to Geaux:
Nutrias look kinda Sleaux,
Tigers a No-Sheaux

Fulmer's Belly:

The play is "all go"
Wait, we're playing L.S.U.?
Eric, get your helmet.


Jamarcus beastly
but dumb, throws interceptions
Pumps gas in four years


Tigers seek revenge
Volunteers need to win out
Too bad for Tigers


Ainge hobblin' around,
Nothin' going on the ground
Crompton just holds on

tnjimbob, drowned out:

bayeux tiger's roar
drowned out by Smokey.
Vols victorious.

tnjimbob, no more mustang:

Chief's defense steps up.
Fans holler "NO MORE MUSTANG!"
Russell ends up flat.

And the Valley Shook:

Talent's but a ruse;
With Miles roaming our sideline,
Your chances? Damn good!

Tiger Smack:

Relating concepts:
"Tiger D" is to "Ainge" as
"Phil" is to "Donuts"

Rocky Top Talk:

The memories fade
Mushroom cloud in the end zone
On the other foot

Corn from a Jar

Bad news Tiger fans,
Ainge has learned difference 'tween
football and shot put