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Tennessee-Vandy Game Day Comments: Vols unleash an unholy cacophony on Vandy

Well, we had a pretty active Game Day Open Thread for the Vanderbilt game.  Here are some of the better comments made before, during, and after the game:

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

If there is any justice in the world, Tennessee will unleash an unholy cacaphony of retribution upon Vanderbilt for EVER thinking they were in our league. I have a feeling today will be much different than last years 'end of the world as we know it'. One year makes a huge difference and the Vols will explain it to that other team today. Go Vols!

-- mike2ray

Nice interception by Hefney . . .

. . . negated by Wade's holding penalty.

-- Joel

TD Vandy

Give that one to Wade.

Vandy leads by one due to UT's offense getting fields goals instead of TDs in the red zone.



    ...3rd down defense seems to be an issue yet again.

-- CornFromAJar


How is it possible that we give up a 15 play touchdown drive to VANDY!? Are you kidding me John Chavis?


Aww yeah!

God bless LaMarcus Coker!

--XRayVol on Sat Nov 18, 2006 at 01:28:23 PM EST

Get 'Em Phil!

I LOVE seeing Phillip Fulmer get irate. GIT 'EM PHIL!!


Well, other than the touchdown drive, the defense looks pretty good. It's great to have Ainge in Orange back. He looks pretty good. Making some good decisions. Again, God bless LaMarcus Coker. Just leave him out there; a running back needs multiple carries and time to get his rhythm going. The receivers are playing quite well, gotta love RBJ (Robert, Bret and Jayson). What's up with the Vandy corners reaching in and pulling our arms away from the ball? Who taught them that and can we get a call on that please? Overall, I think we're playing pretty well, not great but pretty well. Let's get it going in the second half. Let's go Vols!!!


3 Pointers are good for Pearl's boys!  Since when did Tennessee kick this many field goals in the red zone... AGAINST VANDY!  This game would be over if we scored TD's on just 2 of the drives we kicked FG's.  Anyway, at least we're winning this year.  Go Vols!


Cacaphony reaching unholy levels.

Ha! And Vandy thought they had hope. They reak of defeat. Lets hang half a hundred on em'!! Go Vols!


Oh look, another touchdown

Can't say enough about Robert Meachem. Wow!


Oh look, another interception

Could our corners play any better? We are TEARING UP Nickson. Loving it!


Not too shabby

Well, for the most part I think we got our cacophony's worth. Great word by the way. I realize it was Vandy, but we played pretty well. No real complaints. Now I look forward to beating the crap out of Kentucky and seeing which bowl game we'll go to. Come on Outback. I'd love to beat up on a Big Ten team!


O Jim Bob

Hey, Jim Bob GOTTA play at least a down or two against Kentucky right? We should start a petition to get him some playing time in that game.


I second that...

Get Jim Bob some snaps, Crompton is going to have plenty in his career.  Plus, how great would it be to see Jim Bob Cooter on SportCenter.  I can only imagine, "... and third string senior quaterback Jim Bob Cooter to Robert Meachem for the big touchdown pass, Vols go up 34-0, go on to win..."  That would be great!


Jim Bob on SC

I would literally give up a relatively unimportant body part to see JBC on SportsCenter. Oh wait, SportsCenter doesn't cover Tennessee football. Maybe Cold Pizza?