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Tennessee-Vandy post-game awards

Best PR move.  Vanderbilt, for prominently placing the SEC logo on their field.  Forget our record, we're in the SEC, baby!

Best anticipation.  The Tennessee cornerbacks, who consistently recognized Vandy screen plays quickly enough to slip around potential blockers and blow up the play.

Worst trick play.  The play toward the end of the second quarter, when receiver Lucas Taylor took the snap at QB and handed off to receiver Robert Meachem, who tossed the ball to backup QB Jonathan Crompton, who . . . scrambled for a loss of six yards.  At least that's the way I think it went down.  The whole thing was odd.

Best tongue-lashing.  Fulmer on some unidentified special teams player, after Vandy returned a kick off some 37 yards.

Best Yeti, Loch-Ness, Bigfoot moment.  I can't be absolutely certain, and I don't have the proof, but I think I saw Jim Bob Cooter under center at the end of the game.

Worst Disappearing Act (for Vandy). Cassen Jackson-Garrison, who came in averaging 4.1 yards/carry, but only gained 14 yards on 5 carries against the Vols.  (Submitted by Corn from a Jar.)

Best Disappearing Act (for Tennessee). Britton Colquitt, who punted on the Vols' third drive in the first quarter, but wasn't seen again until the game was put away in the fourth. Pretty close to what somebody predicted. (Submitted by Corn from a Jar, and he pretty much nailed it.)

Best comeback.  Erik Ainge, who returned from an ankle injury to go 21 of 26 for 266 yards and two TDs. (Submitted by XRayVol.)

Best Bulldozer.  Chris Brown, for absolutely embarrassing a hapless defender by lowering his head and simply steamrolling him.  (Submitted by XRayVol.)  It looked like those old Roadrunner cartoons, where a flattened Wile E. Coyote sticks to the roller for several revolutions.

Best Energizer Bunny.  LaMarcus Coker, for his 87-yard touchdown and 126-yard performance. He keeps going and going and going . . . . (Submitted by XRayVol).

Did we miss any?  Leave yours below.