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Orange takes on distinctly reddish hue in NYC against Butler

Somewhere on Madison Avenue an orange-clad Volunteer is blushing red.

I turned the Tennessee-Butler game on with something like five minutes left in the first half.

I watched until the end.

I saw three field goals.  James Wilhoit had four against Vanderbilt last Saturday on the gridiron.

Had I watched the entire game, I would have seen 27% of all field goal attempts, 25% of all three-point attempts, and 55% of all free throw attempts go through the cylinder.

On the other hand, if you like turnovers, this game was a dandy, as Aerobab has astutely observed.  Tennessee contributed 22 to the fun and Butler added a mere 16.  So that's something.

I still think this team will be fun to watch and will be pretty good once they develop some chemistry to go along with their speed.

It's just not going to happen in a New York minute.