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Vote for the winner of the Tennessee-Kentucky Hail Mary Haiku

Well, everybody's routines seem to be out of kilter due to the holiday, but here are the entries we have for this week:


Randy Sanders is back
Let's hope he doesn't talk to Ainge
No contact order, please!

Rusty, Georgia Podcast Network:

Meachem on the post,
Swain out route, Smith on the fade,
Hang fifty on Cats.


Woodson is for real,
Too bad the Cat's D is not,
Feast for men in Ornge!

Rocky Top Talk:

Offense improved, but
Wildcat defense, it's declawed
Seventy point game?


Wildcats are so tame,
All their backs are O so lame,
Blue can't win this game!

Corn from a Jar:

Corn/Jar's haiku, and
Kentucky's defense, both are
too little, too late.