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Tennessee Volunteers v. Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns open thread

The basketball Vols, having already played two games each in the Gaylord Entertainment Center in Nashville and Madison Square Garden in New York City, now head to the big leagues and travel to the "Cajundome" in Lafayette, Louisiana to take on the Ragin' Cajuns tonight at 8:00 EST.  Fox Sports South has the telecast.

Pearl's bunch is hoping to erase the memory of a couple of embarrassing back-to-back defeats under the bright lights in the big city.

I know almost nothing about Louisiana-Lafayette, but things can get interesting in a hurry anytime cajuns are involved.

So tune in and leave your in-game comments below.

By the way, did you know that JaJuan Smith scored 18 points in 21 minutes against North Carolina before getting escorted to the locker room due to what the officials determined to be an intentional flagrant foul?  Terrible call, by the way, but 18 in 21 against UNC in NYC is pretty good.