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Maxwell Pundit: week thirteen

Here's the RTT Maxwell Pundit ballot for week thirteen. Rakes of Mallow posts the weekly standings Wednesday mornings, so head over there noon-ish for this week's results.

No. 1: Troy Smith of the Ohio State shredding contraption.  Fourth-best passing efficiency in the nation against stout competition.  Zero losses.  LSU's JaMarcus Russell is third-best in passing efficiency, and he may have played tougher competition, but he's lost twice, and let's face it, throwing completions for yardage while avoiding interceptions is only part of what a QB does. Smith rarely relinquishes his possessions (see, e.g., his five interceptions this season), and he's not likely to give up his apparent grasp of the Heisman or the Maxwell Pundit.

No. 2: Mike Hart,  Michigan. 1,515 yards so far this season, just edging out the Ground Hog.  Three TDs and 142 yards against Ohio State's defense cannot be ignored.

No. 3: Darren McFadden.  The season is drawing to a close, and good teams are still underestimating the Ground Hog.  I call to the stand Orson Swindle:

McFadden made THE awe-inspiring play of the year, splitting two future NFL safeties on a play they clearly misjudged. Considering that around the forty yard line McFadden hit the nitrous, we can't blame them.

Thank you, Mr. Swindle.  I rest.

And by the way, this, too, can happen to you.

No. 4: Whack-a-Mole Brrrrrrady Quinn. Humbling defeat for the Irish against USC last week, but don't blame Quinn, who kept poking his head into the fray even after repeated bonks on the noggin.  Account for all of the drops and red zone difficulties, and Quinn still finished the game 22 of 45 for 274 yards and three TDs.

No. 5: Robert the Vomitor Meachem. Not a popular pick, but Jimmy crack corn, the dude broke the single-season receiving yardage record at The School Formerly Known As Wide Receiver U.  If he decides to keep his stomach contents at home next season, well watch out.  In every sense of the phrase.