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Rocky Top Talking Points: LSU Friday edition

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  • Remember the ClayNation Dixlieland Delight College Football Tour?  Well, last week's venue was Columbia, South Carolina for the Vols-Gamecocks contest.  It's a must read, especially the first few paragraphs, in which Clay explains that "Spurrier was the cause of more of my cursing fits than any other person in my life" and describes the unintended consequences of his "Never met a man I didn't like" t-shirt.  Good stuff.
  • If you didn't see the Louisville-West Virginia game last night, it was a wild one.  Have a look at the second half drive chart if you don't believe me.
  • The headlines are all different, but here's what coach Fulmer said about Ainge playing against LSU tomorrow:
    Erik did everything today, practically everything. That's a real plus. That's much improved from yesterday. Still don't have any solid say on exactly what we're going to do, but I'd say it looks like he's going to be able to play.
  • Corn from a Jar relates a run-in with a cajun on a trip to LSU in 2000.
  • The always quotable receivers coach Trooper Taylor, on backup QB Jonathan Crompton's audible last week against South Carolina:
    Everybody saw the play where he was getting ready to check to a pass.  We're trying to run the clock out, but he really said, `Coach, I was going to throw a touchdown.' And he meant that.  Don't think he was kidding. He was serious as a heart attack. Almost gave me a heart attack, but he was serious. That's the kind of confidence he has. Guys, when you watch him throw the football, I'm telling you, there's a reason why he has that confidence.
     Another interesting bit: Crompton corrected team leader and receiver extraordinaire Robert Meachem on a route on Monday.  Taylor also said that Crompton's been practicing and watching extra tape like he's going to play all season.
  • And finally for this morning, check out College Football News' breakdown of the Tennessee-LSU SEC Game of the Week.  They're predicting LSU 14, Tennessee 10.