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Gimpy and Green come up short against the Tigers

Okay, first things first.  Yes, the officials missed the call when LSU fumbled the ball on their game-winning TD drive and Tennessee recovered.  But I think we need to concede that the officials gipped the Tigers out of a TD by missing the fact that Demetrice Morley accidentally brushed the ball on the punt return.

How much did playing a gimpy Erik Ainge for the first quarter impact the outcome of the game?  Did we waste time trying to figure out whether he could play or not?  On one hand, one more offensive drive with a healthy but green Jonathan Crompton might have made a difference.  On the other, it wasn't really Ainge that sputtered in the first quarter -- it was the receivers, primarily Robert Meachem who probably accounted for 90% of our offense, so you can't lay much blame on him.

Crompton played great.  He's going to be absolutely fantastic once he gets some more experience.  Fourth quarter comebacks this season have denied him the opportunity to get more game experience.

I still miss Todd Blackledge.

How big is the QB draw call last week against Steve Spurrier, during which Ainge sprained his ankle?  Of course, had Ainge scored a TD on the play, it would have been another feather in Cutcliffe's cap.

Trying to tackle JaMarcus Russell is like trying to  tip over a tree stump.  Except that a tree stump doesn't scramble.

This is indeed a major bummer.  Root for Arkansas tonight against Steve Spurrier and look forward to a chance to redeem ourselves next week against yet another good team.

More tomorrow.