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Tennessee-LSU: post game awards

Best exercise of a constitutional right.  UT safety Demetrice Morley, for taking the fifth while the officials tried to determine from the tape whether his hand inadvertently grazed the football on a punt return that UT allowed to roll into the end zone.

Best friendly fire.  Jonathan Hefney, who flew into teammate Morley and sent him sprawling in celebration of Morley's interception for a touchdown.

Worst repetition.  Red Lobster's Endless Shrimp ad campaign.  I think the word "endless" was intended to modify the word "shrimp," but it seems instead to describe the ad campaign itself.

Best recognition.  Cornerback Jonathan Wade, who, having seen LSU's wide receiver screen one too many times, instantly recognized the play when it was run mid way through the fourth quarter and hit LSU receiver Dwayne Bowe, stripping the ball loose and allowing teammate Ryan Karl to recover it.

Best ball hog.  LSU.  The Volunteer offensive unit possessed the ball for less than a third of the game (18:54 to LSU's 41:06).  LSU ran 81 offensive plays; Tennessee only had 50.

Worst balancing act.  With LSU down by three and seven minutes left to play, UT tried to manage the competing goals of letting the clock run out while they had the lead, keeping the Tigers from scoring or at least limiting them to a game-tying field goal attempt, and saving their time outs to use for the next series, if necessary.  LSU drove the field, chewed up the clock, and scored a touchdown, and by the time Tennessee regained possession, they had a pocketful of timeouts but only five seconds left to use them.

Worst post-game judgment.  The candidates are running back Arian Foster, safety Antonio Wardlow, and fullback David Holbert, who were arrested at 3:00 a.m. after the game for disorderly conduct and underage consumption.  The winner is Foster, who's likely left Tennessee's stable of running backs completely empty.  He'll be suspended or worse, LaMarcus Coker is still recovering from an earlier injury, and Montario Hardesty was hurt during the LSU game.

Best payday.  Knoxville resident and UT fan Cory Hayes, who won $100,000 from local radio station WIVK during halftime for kicking a 35-yard field goal.