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Ugh. Foster, Holbert, and Wardlow arrested following LSU game

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Okay, let's get this out of the way.  Here's what we know about Sunday morning's arrests of running back Arian Foster, fullback David Holbert, and safety Antonio Wardlow.

Sometime around 3:00 a.m., police officers were summoned to the Goodfellas night club on a "disturbance" call.  Upon arriving, they observed several individuals "trying to fight each other."  They intervened and had defused the situation when they saw Foster "shoving another individual . . . in an attempt to fight with that individual."  Shortly after that, officers witnessed Wardlow and Holbert in an altercation.

Police arrested all three twenty year olds and charged them with disorderly conduct and underage consumption.  They also charged Wardlow with public intoxication.  The players were released after being booked at around 5:00 a.m.

Coach Fulmer said he intended to meet with the players Sunday night and announce a decision regarding their status for Saturday's game at Arkansas.  He would not comment further yesterday except to say that he would deal with the situation "swiftly and firmly and fairly."

As I said yesterday, while all three are candidates for the "Worst Post-Game Judgment" award, Foster is the clear winner as he has likely left Tennessee's stable of running backs completely empty.  He'll likely be suspended against Arkansas, LaMarcus Coker's return from an injury a few weeks ago is still iffy, and Montario Hardesty was injured during the LSU game.  

Foster has started five games at tailback this season and rushed for 262 yards.  Holbert and Wardlow are both reserves but have both played in all nine games this season, and Wardlow started against South Carolina.

Arkansas is rumored to be preparing a new defensive scheme for this weekend.  Dubbed the "Quarter," the scheme employs eleven defensive backs and zero linemen or linebackers.

Update [2006-11-6 6:30:31 by Joel]: Fulmer is "hopeful" that Coker will be able to play against the Hogs. Hardesty is probable for the game as trainers' initial belief that he'd received a concussion in the LSU game turned out to be incorrect. Arkansas is rumored to have said that they still plan to use the Quarter, as the Vols have averaged less than 60 yards rushing in each of their five SEC games.