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Rocky Top Talking Points: Razorback Tuesday edition

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Here's, like, stuff to talk about.  And stuff.

  • As many of you know, Texas fan ACUHORN stopped by early last week seeking advice for his trip to Knoxville to take in the Tennessee-LSU game.  Check out the Knoxville Game Day experience from a visitor's point of view.  Thanks to all the Vol fans who welcomed this guy, and ACUHORN, I wish we could have given you a better post-game atmosphere.  I'd bet the mood afterward wasn't pretty.
  • Check out this thread on an Arkansas message board.  I don't know, just thought it was funny.
  • Don't forget to enter this week's Tennessee-Arkansas Hail Mary Haiku.
  • Yeah, I know I haven't updated the Animated BCS Race in several weeks.  I'm almost back up to speed, though, and should have it completely updated through Louisville's win over West Virginia by Thursday.
  • Regarding Saturday night/Sunday morning's arrest of three UT football players, running back Arian Foster will be suspended for the first half of the Arkansas game, David Holbert will be suspended for the entire Arkansas game, and Antonio Wardlow will be suspended for the Arkansas and Vanderbilt games. Different treatment for starters and/or those we really, really need?  Not necessarily.  Apparently, Foster was actually trying to break up a fight between teammates, presumably Holbert and Wardlow.  Fulmer's best comment on the matter?  This is what happens "when immature male ego mixes with alcohol and stupidity."  Let's play Find the Redundancy!  (But seriously, I like the quote.)  Has anybody heard what the teammates were arguing about?  By the way, don't miss Brian's take on the matter.
  • No word yet on which QB will play this Saturday against the Razorbacks.  It's looking like Crompton.  You have to applaud Ainge in Orange's statement that it would be selfish of him to try to play if his injury is going to hurt the team, but what do you think about this quote:
    [I]f I'm only able to do certain things, then it would be better to have me over there ready for a crucial third down and stuff like that.
    I'm hoping that's not coming from the coaches.  What message does it give Crompton?  Hey, buddy, go out there and get us a first down in two tries.  Otherwise, you're getting yanked for somebody who can get it done but shouldn't be starting.
  • A horrifying realization: the last two QBs UT has faced (LSU's JaMarcus Russell and Steve Spurrier's Syvelle Newton) have each outrushed the entire Tennessee team.  Argh.
  • If you haven't heard already, ESPN Game Day will be at the Tennessee-Arkansas game, which will be shown on ESPN2 at 7:00 p.m. EST.  Uh, even if you have already heard -- they're still going to be there.