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Maxwell Pundit: holding pattern edition

Here's the RTT Maxwell Pundit ballot for week ten.  Rakes of Mallow posts the weekly standings Wednesday mornings, so head over there noon-ish for this week's results.

Wow.  Did anything really happen this week?  The general consensus among voters, as far as I could tell late last night, seems to be that everyone's in a holding pattern until their respective Big Tests coming up in the next couple of weeks.  Anyway, on to the short and sweet version.

No. 1: Troy Smith.  Hurt himself a bit this week by going 13 of 23 for 108 yards and, gasp, one interception.  That's three, THREE, for the year.  Unacceptable.  Drop him from contention!  

No. 2: LaMarr Woodley.  Hurt himself the most this week by recording only one tackle in a too-close-for-comfort win over lowly Ball State.  Still, he's the best player on the best defensive team still in contention for a BCS bowl.  Like I said last week, Woodley's:

[a] one-man wrecking crew on a unit full of one-man wrecking crews, Woodley has effectively gained 111 yards for his team on 11 sacks for the year.  Oh, and he's forced four fumbles, returning one of them 54 yards for a TD.  Add to those gaudy numbers 26 tackles, 14 of them solo for a loss, and you have . . . LaMarr Woodley.
 Even after Ball State, he's still LaMarr Woodley.

No. 3: Robert Meachem.  Hurt himself the least this week with two outstanding TD receptions from green QB Jonathan Crompton even with Tennessee's essentially non-existent ground game against LSU and one of the nation's top two defenses.  His team lost, though, so, you know.

Excuse me while I compose myself.

No. 4: Brady Quinn.    Hey, Rakes, I'm paying attention to Quinn.  He had the best week of my top five, going 23 of 35 for 346 yards and four TDs.  So why is he not moving up?  Uh, North Carolina.

No. 5: Colt McCoy.    You know, I didn't know there were three players named McCoy on Texas' team.  You don't think there's any chance that the UT statisticians are lumping all of the McCoys' stats together, do you?  Let's investigate. The NCAA says Colt went 23 of 29 for 346 yards and two TDs against Oklahoma State.  Independently corroborated over at ESPN.  Okay, so he really is that good.  All by himself.  

Others considered: Calvin Johnson, Erik Ainge, if he returns, Steve Slaton, James Davis, Calvin Johnson (yes, I considered him twice), Mike Hart, Ray Rice, Pat White, Ted Ginn, Jr., Ian Johnson.