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Rocky Top Talking Points: Razorback Wednesday

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Busy, busy, busy.  I've been attending a trial 90 minutes from home for a week now, so I've been having to leave the house earlier. Back to normal soon.  Anyway, here's today's talking points:

  • Orson quotes The Screwtape Letters and brings attention to a coach who is openly mocking the new clock rules.  Oh, that is good stuff.  Be sure to read the comment thread as well, as it furthers the debate.
  • I'll be guest-posting over at Every Game Counts, the official NCAA blog, sometime today.  I don't have the link yet, but I understand that the post I submitted this morning will go up sometime today.  Fun with acrostics and discussion of the challenges the Vols face against the Hogs this weekend in Fayetteville.
  • Notre Dame blog Rakes of Mallow has asked me to post some thoughts on Air Force over there Friday in anticipation of the Irish playing the Falcons this Saturday.  What observations do y'all have about the Game that Almost Got Away?  Post them below, and I'll try to incorporate as many of them as I can into the post.
  • All signs are pointing to Crompton starting this week against the Razorbacks.  It also looks like Montario Hardesy will start, even if Coker returns in time to play.
  • More details on this weekend's fight and arrests.  Teammates Antonio Wardlow and David Holbert were throwing punches at each other in the parking lot, and Arian Foster was trying to keep the peace.  Foster disputes the report that says he was "engaging in fighting and threatening behavior by pushing, yelling, and cursing another male," characterizing it as "totally inaccurate."  
    I looked like a guy who was going at it, when in essence I was trying to calm [Wardlow].  When emotions are high, and when people are aggravated for whatever reason, a voice is not going to calm them down. I felt like I had to contain him by grabbing him. I guess [the officer] took it as I was being aggressive toward him and trying to fight him.
     Foster said he was with his brother and sister having a good time and didn't have a confrontation with anyone, other than taking an aggressive stand in trying to keep his teammates out of trouble.  That'll be the last of it from me.
  • We only have three entries for the Tennessee-Arkansas Hail Mary Haiku.  Give it a go.
  • More substance, and the updated Animated BCS Race, tomorrow, if all goes well.
  • YouTubage?  YouTubage.  The play that should have ended the game: