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Vote for the winner of the Tennessee-Arkansas Hail Mary Haiku!

Vote (on the right sidebar) for the winner of the Tennessee-Arkansas Hail Mary Haiku.  Here are this week's entries:

Rusty, Georgia Podcast Network:

If you don't score now,
McFadden will stab your foot,
so... go off and score!


Common Theme: Bar Fights
Crompton torches Hog DB's
Vols bury Hogs Hopes


The Dick is back in
Vol fans chant, "High School Offense!"
Battle for the Citrus Bowl.


Vols the better team
McFadden can be stopped, sure,
Fights up and down Knox "strip"


Go west, Volunteers
"Smokey-cure" them Razorbacks
Bring home the bacon.


i still remember
a certain magic fumble;
i'd like seconds, please.

Rocky Top Talk:

Game Day, Fayetteville
Corso picks the Razorbacks
The crowd goes hog wild


Nice conference run, 'Backs
Crompton's hungry; screams "SOU-EEEEEE!"
Vols eat smoked jerky

Corn from a Jar:

To quote Pulp Fiction:
"Pig's a filthy animal"
Vols whip dirty swine