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Rocky Top Talking Points: dead Monday edition

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  • You can still get tickets to the Outback Bowl.  Visit to order online or call 865-656-1200 or 800-332-8657 to order by phone.
  • Sophomore guard Anthony Parker has had surgery on his left knee and will not play against Penn State.
  • I have almost certainly missed some of the post-season accolade announcements, but I wanted to mention that Josh McNeil and LaMarcus Coker have been receiving their share.  McNeil's been named to The Sporting News' All-America second team, and was a unanimous selection to the SEC Coaches All-Freshman Team.  Coker got an honorable mention from The Sporting News and was named to the SEC Coaches All-Freshman Team. Rico McCoy was also named to the SEC Coaches All-Freshman Team.
  • If you haven't seen it yet, The Vol Network has announced the release of this football season's highlight video, Tennessee Football 2006: Fired Up, Focused & Prepared.  You can order online from The Vol Network, or pick it up in person at Tennessee JCPenney locations.  The video apparently has highlights of all 12 regular season games and features produced for the Phillip Fulmer Show.  You can find links to that and other Tennessee DVDs through the RTT gift guide on the left sidebar.  I didn't get around to watching the DVD that came free with the Tennessee-Kentucky program until yesterday, and I was pleasantly surprised.  I figured it would be hastily thrown together because it was basically given away, but it was quite good.  Looking forward to Fired Up, Focused & Prepared.
  • Don't miss the video-Fisking of Merril Hoge posted on Burnt Orange Nation last week. The video intersperses Hodge's criticisms of Vince Young's play with his highlight reel to date.  A fantastic piece.
  • Yes, I know that we're playing Penn State in a few weeks. More on that coming soon.  For now, know that coach Fulmer has reviewed the Kentucky tape, is not happy, and is letting his team know it.  Know, too, that Jerod Mayo is expected to play.
  • Attention Barry W.  You are the lucky winner of the designation of Honorary Pilgrim of the Game Day Public Chat! Apparently, Barry showed up after I had left, and he was left to fend for himself.  For the rest of you, now that Barry "HPGDPC" W. and I have blazed the trail, be sure to join us during the next Vol basketball game.
  • Recruiting news is beginning to bubble up, and Inside Tennessee has provided a free to the public recruiting board. So far, we have 19 commits, including six four-star recruits and one five-star recruit.  The five-star is Brent Vinson, who actually committed last year and is playing at Hargrave Military Academy this year.
  • How did I miss this?
  • Kyle over at DawgSports is on an absolute roll.  Last week he penned an exceptional Reasonable Response to MGoBlog, who had been blogging angry following Michgian's fall to No. 3 after the SEC Championship Game, and followed it up with a thought-provoking post on How to Fix College Football's Postseason Problems.
  • Corn from a Jar is slapping bumper stickers on the El Camino that is this year's Tennessee basketball team. He's also caught an Alabama Fan crimson-handed attempting to revise history.