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Rocky Top Talk Talking Points: half-strength edition

  • Apologies for the void yesterday -- had a minor medical episode Monday afternoon.  A trip to the ER, a follow up to the MD's office, two narcotics, two antiemetics, one antibiotic, and roughly 20 hours of sleep later, I'm back in the saddle at about half-strength. Woot.
  • Speaking of antiemetics, I get lost with all of the post-season accolades, but I think this is new: Arron Sears (second team) and Robert Meachem (third team) have been named AP All-Americans. More congrats to them. While Meachem continues to accumulate trophies, he's still largely standing behind the likes of Georgia Tech's Calvin Johnson, Notre Dame's Jeff Samardzija, and USC's Dwayne Jarrett.  He was also behind Rice's Jarrett Dillard [!] in the AP All-American voting.  This may not be fair to Meach, but it may give an indication as to what might happen with the NFL draft. Perhaps another year at UT would be beneficial? Just, you know, wondering.
  • Corn at The Tennessee Fanhouse heaps some love on lesser-known UT football seniors David Yancy and Matt McGlothlin.
  • In Outback Bowl News, Charlie Daniels will be singing the national anthem (woo!), and the Tampa Bay Convention & Visitors Bureau is preparing a warm welcome for the Tennessee Pioneers.
  • I'll start rolling out RTT's nominations for the 2006 College Football Blogger Awards once I hit, say, 80%, but be sure to check out Burnt Orange Nation (I know that looks odd, but there are two posts in there), Dawg Sports, The 8th Maxim, Mountain Lair, and Double Extra Point, who have already gotten started.
  • Clay Travis wraps up his Dixieland Delight College Football Tour. You really must read the whole thing, but here's one of my favorite bits:

    The cure for old people not being able to walk is to tell them there is an SEC football game to watch. Every game when I sat in the upper deck, I was out of breath by the time I got somewhere remotely near my seats. Then I would walk out onto the concourse and see a stairway that was literally perpendicular leading even higher into the air. Like a stairway to heaven. I would trudge up the steps breathing hard and notice that on row after row I was passing people who all appeared to be at least 70. Often a decade or two older. It was uncanny. People with oxygen tanks thrown over their shoulders, some who had stepped out of their wheelchairs and carried them thrust forward on the stairs like old muskets fixed with bayonets. I truly believe the cure to every old folk's home in the South is seats to an SEC football game.

    Like I said, go read the whole thing.