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Easing in . . .

Thanks to all of you for your comments, well-wishes, emails, prayers, and stuff. I am not in mortal peril or anything -- just been incapacitated by something that remains mysterious.  I'm still not quite right, but I am able to work a bit. I'll be easing back into it slowly.

I had planned to make my nominations for the 2006 College Football Blogger Awards in bunches with sweet, flowery language like Peter and a bunch of others are doing such a great job of.  Now, unfortunately, I'm looking at a bland old list of all of 'em at once.  Probably Wednesday, sans the praise each of the nominees deserves. Que cera.

I did get an ESPN Bowl Pick 'Em contest set up last week some time. Head over to the ESPN Fantasy page and join the Rocky Top Talk group.  If somebody could post in the comment section below some directions on how to sign up (assuming it's not completely self-explanatory), I'd appreciate it. I hope to monitor the standings as the bowls are played and reward the leaders with voluminous praise.  Also, consider it a trial run for the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

Do expect a good deal of Penn State coverage here this week courtesy of my newest best friend, Mike of Black Shoe Diaries, SBN's Penn State blog.  He'll be doing several guest posts this week, breaking down PSU's various units.  Today's breakdown is on the defense, which to be honest looks pretty daunting.  Also, I think he's posting something from me over at his site this afternoon, so be on the lookout for that and plead my case in the comment section if I made any errors, glaring or otherwise, in my stupor.

Again, thanks to all for your emails, comments, and stuff.  Much appreciated.