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2006 College Football Blogger Award Nominees: Part I, or is it II?

Only a couple of days left to nominate worthy candidates for the 2006 College Football Blogger Awards. I had planned to roll these out over the entire two week period, but illness, que cera, and all that. So . . . I'm going to do what I can today and then probably finish tonight or tomorrow morning in a flurry with a link dump with apologies to all of the candidates who deserve better. Please note that nominating blogs is open to everyone. To nominate blogs for any of the categories, simply go to the Nomination Gizmo and nominate blogs of your choice.
The Dr. Z Award

FOR: Cogent, interesting analysis. CRITERIA: Emphasis placed on statistical manipulation, well researched pieces that reveal something new, and/or solid argumentative pieces that function as the authoritative last word on a subject.

MGoBlog. Nobody puts the anal in analysis like Brian. What other blogger breaks down every snap of every game tape with more precision and fervor? Game previews? Check. Post-game minutiae? Check. Proof? Proof.

Dawg Sports. He may not use numbers and charts and all that fancy stuff that Brian uses, but Kyle can juggle the wind. The man remembers everything he's ever said. Worse, he remembers everything you've ever said and he's got the permalink to prove it. Do not get into an argument with this blogger, because although he is the consummate southern gentleman, he wields a wicked pestle, and he won't hesitate to use it to absolutely pulverize any opinion with which he finds fault. See, e.g., his recent Reasonable Response to MGoBlog.

Sunday Morning Quarterback. He does stuff like this all the time, but his post Navel-Gazing: Rankings and Methods is one of the best examples of his influence on the college football blogosphere. Soon after that post, bloggers everywhere began utilizing the "resume" method of ranking teams because, well, it just seemed like the only reasonable thing to do.

The Trev Alberts Quits To Do Construction Award

FOR: comic relief; overall hilarity. CRITERIA: The funniest college football blog.

The Sports Fans Don't Cry Award

FOR: The blog that has suffered through its chosen team's dismal season with the most dignity. CRITERIA: Continued engagement in the face of crippling, misery-inducing defeat. A stiff-upper lip and sane reaction to everything crumbling to dust.

Roll Bama Roll. Trust me, guys. I feel for you. By the end of The Season of Which We Do Not Speak, I was certifiably insane. Nico and Todd survived much better than did I, not only keeping their heads through a really disappointing season, but keeping them up throughout the whole coaching ordeal. Bonus points to Nico, who was nearly run out of town for talking sense about the deification of Bear Bryant.

Hey Jenny Slater. Okay, so Doug abused a toaster. But he didn't cry.

The Keith Jackson Circa 1995 Award

FOR: The blog with the most consistently expressive and excellent writing. CRITERIA: Mechanical competency, yes, but the ability to turn a devastatingly funny phrase or write something compelling is probably more important. This isn't an award for copy editing; it's an award for kickin' prose.

To paraphrase Steve Martin,

language is kind of my thing, being a blogger. If you don't have a command of language, it's nothing to be embarrassed about, but let's face it: some people have a way with words. Other people . . . uh, not have way, I guess.

Sunday Morning Quarterback has way. So does Ronald Bellamy's underachieving All-Stars, who can, you know, talk and stuff. I mean write. And stuff. Way.