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Corn from a Jar's Outback Bowl Roundtable: catching the caboose

I'm just catching the caboose of the Corn from a Jar series of Outback Bowl Roundtables, but better late than never, I guess.

1) Up to now, we've all been pretty civil about our concerns around this game. Now that Christmas is behind us and it's actually game week, it's time to take the gloves off and talk some smack. Tell everybody why your offense is going to light up the scoreboard against those weak-a-- defenders from (Knoxville/State College).

Okay, so PSU can stop our rushing attack.  Who hasn't? Save for one long run (perhaps for a touchdown) where a fresh-out-of-the-doghouse LaMarcus Coker sprints to the outside and jets past an unsuspecting linebacking corps taking bad angles, UT's backs will likely be held in check. No matter.  Ainge in Orange will hit Robert Meachem time after time after time until Penn State finally devotes more attention to him, at which time Ainge will spread the love to Swain, Smith, and Cottam. Our line may not be able to run block, but they can pass protect, and that will be sufficient, thank you very much.  Let's put it at 120 yards rushing, 80% of which will belong to Coker on one play, and about 250 yards receiving.

2) On the other side of the ball, let everybody know how your defense is going to beat all manner of hell out of the (Tennessee/Penn State) offense. Special teams smack is encouraged, too.

The Nittany Lions will no doubt run through the middle of our defense for eight yards at a time chewing up linemen, linebackers, and minutes, and striking fear into the hearts of Vol fans everywhere. This should open up an opportunity for play action, which is where our secondary will bait a questionable decision-maker of a QB into throwing what he perceives to be open passes, but which, due to the speed of our secondary and the inaccuracy of the pass, will be either well-defended or intercepted. Mark it down.  Two ints, one each for the Jonathans.

Special teams smack is far too dangerous for Vol fans to engage in and is discouraged until after something good happens.

3) Ultimately, what we've been working towards here: a prediction. Score at least, but other specific visions of carnage are welcome, too. Loser buys the steak.

Hmm. At the risk of looking like a complete fool (again), let's say Tennessee 27, Penn State 16.  Three TDs and two field goals for the Vols, and a bushel full of yards and time of possession for Penn State resulting in only one TD and three easy field goals.

Or, you know, we could lose. Big.

Or small. Or somewhere in between.

Have I . . . okay, based covered.

Go Vols!