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JaJuan Smith hits 23 in 101-77 victory over Tennessee Tech

I was unable to catch the game last night, but it sounds like JaJuan Smith had a career night. He led the Vols to a 101-77 victory over Tennessee Tech, contributing 23 points to the effort due to the extra attention Chris Lofton was receiving from defenders. Lofton still added 14 points, and Ryan Childress and Duke Crews both had double doubles (13 points and 11 rebounds for Childress and 10 points and 10 boards for Crews).

The game was essentially over after the Vols went on a 19-0 run starting with about 8:00 left in the first half and ending with 4:00 left. They held a big lead the rest of the way, which enabled them to practice their half court defense.

Audio of Coach Pearl and Ryan Childress, courtesy of

The Vols are now 11-2 and have won seven straight games. They head into SEC play on January 7 when they take on Mississippi State.