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Tennessee-Memphis game day open thread

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The basketball Vols take on the Memphis Tigers tonight in Thompson-Boling arena at 9:00 EST.

ESPN2 has the telecast.

Round 2 of the Pearl v. Calipari saga.

Leave your thoughts here.

Or . . . join me in the public chat. You may need Skype 3.0 beta, but perhaps the latest 2.5 will work -- don't know. If you find an answer to this question, let the rest of us know.

I may be in and out, watching the game, working on the blogger awards, chatting with Brian, etc., so if you post something and I don't respond immediately, just hold tight. I'll be back. See ya!

Update [2006-12-7 20:27:5 by Joel]: Game Day public chats will close after the games or whenever the action dies down.