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More about the blogger awards

Brian and I had an extended chat last night working through some of the blogger award issues. It was very productive, but between that, the Tennessee-Memphis game, and the killer cold/cough still hanging on, I'm probably not going to get the announcement of the award categories done today.

Expect it tomorrow, absent some SNAFU or other issues that arise while the list is being compiled. It's not too late to leave your ideas, comments, and/or suggestions below.

Any additional ideas on how to set up the award categories in order to spread the love would be appreciated. Absent any other ideas, it's looking like we'll be monitoring the nomination/vote results and using a committee to adjust any wonky results.  If you have a better idea, leave it below.

Also, we're still not married to the notion of having the event name include the word "BlogPoll."  I still think it's a good idea, but leave your competing thoughts below.  I won't lash out.

Until tomorrow then.