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Space Shuttle and Blogger Awards Announcement Delayed

From ABC News:

Dec. 8, 2006 -- It's not easy to schedule a shuttle launch blogger awards announcement. There is one five-minute 90-minute window each day when Earth's the blogosphere's rotation puts the launch pad into the plane of the space station's blogosphere's orbit -- the launch site and the space station blogosphere orbit must be in sync.

. . . .

Complicating any attempt to launch is Florida's the weather time zone. There is a long list of rules prohibiting a shuttle post launch if cloud cover traffic is too low, too dense, or if it's too windy, too hot, too cold -- or if there is a hint of rain near the launch pad or in the flight path of the shuttle post and lightning in the area, forget it.

It's an understatement to say there are thousands of technical glitches that can bring a countdown blogger awards announcement to a stop.

The thing is on the launch pad, I promise.  Barring a server outage, it blasts off Monday at 5:30 a.m. EST.