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Cal media struggles with the twang

Let's hope that Cal coaches and players know as little about Tennessee's football team as its local media knows about our offensive coordinator:

To get that chemistry back, Fulmer reassessed the program.

"We made some changes in our staff, which we hadn't done in a while," he said. "We have some young guys who are energetic and have some good ideas. David Cuncliffe brings back some stability. He's coached Peyton and Eli (Manning), Heath Shuler and a whole bunch of good players."

Fulmer rehired former longtime assistant Cuncliffe to run the offense, specifically to work with quarterback Erik Ainge.

"I'm real happy with his progress," Fulmer said of Ainge's quarterbacking under Cuncliffe's tutelage. "And we've gone back to fundamentals. We're not assuming anything. We started last season No.3 after winning the SEC East championship."

(Emphasis mine.)

Might couldn't unnerstayan wot they's hearin.