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Confidence levels in Tennessee's units

Cal Golden Bear Football has agreed to answer some questions for us about the Cal team on Thursday, so be watching for that.  In the meantime, head on over to his blog for the scoop on the Bears.

We've also decided to each post our confidence level in our team's respective units for the purpose of comparing them on Thursday or Friday.  We'll use the comparison to attempt to arrive at some sort of educated prediction about how it will all play out on Saturday.

Here's my list of Tennessee's units, in order of strength/confidence. This list does not take into account (1) the units they'll be going against versus Cal, or (2) the unit's dependency on the performance of other units.  That will come later when we compare teams.

Very confident
Running back
Kick and punt coverage

Um, maybe confident.  Perhaps.
Wide receivers
Defensive line

Crossing our fingers.
Kick and punt returns
Offensive line

So what do you think, Rocky Top?  About right?