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RTT's SEC predictions

Better sneak this in before the first game gets gone tomorrow night.

As I mentioned on the SEC East Preview podcast, I'm thinking Auburn over LSU in the SEC West, primarily because LSU is a bit less experienced and because its schedule is a bit tougher.

On the SEC East, I'm going with Georgia.  My guess is that Tennessee will lose to LSU and will split between Florida and Georgia, finishing 6-2 in the conference.  Georgia, I believe, will do something similar: lose to Auburn in the West and split between Florida and Tennessee, finishing 6-2 in the conference.  Florida, while they'll split between Georgia and Tennessee, will lose twice to teams in the West, to LSU and Auburn, so they will finish 5-3.  That makes the Tennessee-Georgia game the key game for the SEC East crown, and I'm thinking that Georgia will win that.  Whoever wins the East will lose to Auburn.

So that's what I'm thinking: Georgia beats Tennessee, but loses to Florida.  Florida beats Georgia, but loses to Tennessee.  Tennessee thus beats Florida, but loses to Georgia.

Rock, paper, scissors.  Georgia beats UT, who beats Florida, who beats Georgia.

Too specific, I know, but I think that's the most logical outcome.  And college football is logical, right?

Okay, then.