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The Animated Race to the National Championship: Week Two

Well, Week Two is here and gone already.  Voting in the BlogPoll has led me to a conclusion: There is no way in the world coaches can have the time to accurately rank the top 25 teams in college football.  At first I figured, hey, they're the experts.  Who knows more about football than the guys that are paid millions of dollars each year to coach?

And then I realized just how difficult it is to keep track of 25-30 different teams each week on top of keeping a day job.  Coaches necessarily focus their attention on, at most, two teams each week: their own and their opponent.  On the other hand, sports writers, excluding part-time bloggers, of course, are paid a full day's wage to cover the sport, and while they might cover one team more than others, they have more time to devote to actually, you know, evaluating the teams they're ranking.

So, I've ditched the USA Today Coaches Poll in favor of the AP Poll.  We'll use the AP until the first BCS rankings arrive.

Click the graphic below to start the Week Two Animated Race to the National Championship.

As always, links to Rocky Top Talk animations are encouraged.  When linking, though, please link to this post instead of deep linking to the animation itself, as it fouls up the stats.  Thanks.