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Attention Vol fans: Gator Tony Joiner wants to take our cheese

Yes, it's true.  Gator junior defensive back Tony Joiner is talking trash . . . and sandwiches:

We really want to get into somebody else and take their cheese. Make a sandwich in the kitchen. Ham and cheese with a little turkey, mustard and mayonnaise.

That's just sad.  He wants our cheese.

By the way, and I am not making this up, I once was slapped with a piece of swiss cheese.  The holes decreased the wind resistance, and, well, it stung.  For a dairy product.

So Orson may be having his fun (serious NetNanny alert on the other side of the link!), but the whole cheese thing actually frightens me. If you can get around the inapt (see, I resisted using the word "cheesy") analogy, it is worth noting that the Gators D is actually talking about shutting the Vols out this Saturday at Neyland.

Bring it on, guys. I'm packing Swiss.