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Rocky Top Talking Points: Wednesday

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A few quick talking points for today:

  • Cornerback Inky Johnson, who was carted off the field in the final minutes of the Air Force game, remains hospitalized at UT Medical Center. He'll be released later this week, at which time he is expected to travel to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota for surgery to correct nerve damage in his right shoulder.
  • Receiver Jayson Swain is not intimidated about all of the cheese talk: ""It ain't about talking no more.  It ain't about getting on the Internet. It ain't about getting on the shows and talking about it. It's about going out there and playing Saturday."
  • Offensive guard Ramon Foster appears to be questionable for this Saturday's game against the Gators.  We cannot afford to be without key o-linemen against the Florida front seven.
  • Defensive tackle Justin Harrell will have surgery today to repair his torn left biceps tendon.  Harrell bucked the NFL last year and opted to return to the Vols for his senior season, and now he will spend this year rehabbing instead.  He apparently did obtain an insurance policy.
  • Defensive coordinator John Chavis' eyes welled with tears when asked about the season-ending injury to Harrell and the potentially career-ending injury to Inky Johnson.  "If you could, I'd like not to talk about it," Chavis said.

Now, on with your day.