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What to watch and who to root for if you're a Tennessee Volunteer football fan

It's Football Nirvana week.

SEC Games

  • Florida at Tennessee.  CBS, 8:00.  Duh.

  • LSU v. Auburn.  CBS, 3:30.  This is a meteor game.  The winner of the SEC East is likely to meet, and lose to, one of these teams.  Tough call, but probably best to root for the lower-ranked team.  It looks good for the conference and may increase the chance at some SEC East team actually winning the conference.

  • Ole Miss v. Kentucky.  In the off-chance Kentucky somehow competes for the SEC East title, you'll want Ole Miss here.

  • Arkansas v. Vanderbilt.  Same concept here . . . but . . . UT plays Arkansas later, and a win over a team with a better record will look better.  Call it a push.

SEC v. Other Conferences

Always root for the conference in these games . . . unless the SEC team is higher than UT in the polls . . . and unless it's Steve Spurrier.

  • Mississippi State v. Tulane.

  • Alabama at ULM.

  • South Carolina v. Wofford.

  • Georgia v. UAB

National Games of Interest

Always root against the teams higher than Tennessee in the polls.  If they're both higher, root against the highest-ranked team.

  • Nebraska at Southern Cal.

  • Michigan at Notre Dame. NBC, 3:30.

  • Clemson at Florida State.  ESPN, 7:45.

  • Miami v. Louisville. ABC, 3:30.

  • Oklahoma at Oregon. ABC, 3:30.

  • Virginia Tech v. Duke.

  • Cincinatti at Ohio State.

  • Iowa State at Iowa.  ESPN, 12:00.

  • Texas at Rice.