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Hail Mary Haiku: Tennessee-Florida edition

Time for this week's Hail Mary Haiku!  Will anyone challenge reigning champ Corn from a Jar?  Forgot to announce last week, but CFAJ won again with this failure about the Air Force game, reproduced here typo and all:

They protect out skies
Respect, but no mercy, given
Vols go 2-and-0

Here's the concept again: You're behind by a touchdown or more at midfield.  Only one second remains on the clock, and you have to heave the ball into a mass of players in the end zone and hope that one of your guys comes down with it.  Oh, and bonus points for actually observing the traditional 5-7-5 format for haikus.  Free form haikus are allowed, though.  This is, after all, a desperation play.


Gators visit Vols
Hungry, burglary in mind.
No one takes our cheese.

Oooh.  Beat that in sixty seconds.