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BlogPoll: Week 3 final

Rank Team Delta
1 Ohio State --
2 Auburn 2
3 Michigan 8
4 Florida 3
5 Southern Cal 3
6 Louisville 4
7 West Virginia 2
8 Louisiana State 2
9 Texas 1
10 Georgia 1
11 Virginia Tech 4
12 Notre Dame 9
13 Iowa 1
14 Oregon 8
15 Oklahoma 6
16 Tennessee 1
17 Nebraska 1
18 TCU 5
19 Cal 1
20 Boston College 4
21 Clemson 5
22 Florida State 10
23 Arizona State 3
24 Penn State 5
25 Alabama 1

Dropped Out: Miami (Florida) (#13), Texas Tech (#25).

Mostly, my draft comments still stand. They've been modified here a bit, to account for reader feedback. Or not, as the case may be.

1. Ohio State. Undefeated and beat No. 2 Texas soundly. Plus, the post-game attitude seemed to indicate that the big win won't go to their head. Heads. Whatever.

2. Auburn. Undefeated and beat No. 6 LSU, who's probably better than Texas, but the margin of victory was much closer.

3. Michigan. Undefeated and soundly defeated No. 2 Notre Dame. An anonymous reader thought that Michigan seemed too high, but they simply wasted the Irish, who wasted ranked Penn State. Who's better? Florida? They barely beat the Vols, who could have improved their rushing statistics for the season by forfeiting the game. USC? Perhaps, but saying so would just be a guess at this point. I'm leaving them here at No. 3.

4. Florida. Undefeated and barely beat No. 13 Tennessee, who would have gained more yards on the ground had they tried to go the other direction.

5. USC. Undefeated, but untested unless you count No. 19 Nebraska.

6. Louisville. Undefeated, but untested unless you count Miami. Neither do I.

7. West Virginia. Undefeated, but untested.

8. LSU. The best of the one loss teams. Almost beat current No. 2.

9. Texas. Second best one loss team. Loss to No. 1 Ohio State was much worse than LSU's to Auburn.

10. Georgia. Undefeated. Untested.

11. Virginia Tech. Ditto.

12. Notre Dame. Trounceor v. No. 19 Penn State. Trouncee v. No. 11 Michigan.

13. Iowa. Undefeated, but less than impressive win over unranked Syracuse.

14. Oregon. No. 8 in the draft, due to submitting the draft after looking at the score but before reading the game summary, after which I dropped them like a bunker buster. Yes, the win is in the books, but it doesn't have to count for much.

15. Oklahoma. No. 18 in the draft because of the same mistake. Moved them up three spots, just behind the team that they actually beat in every way except the record books.

16. Tennessee. Barely beat unranked Air Force. Barely lost to current No. 4 Florida. Barely touched the ground the entire game.

17. Nebraska. One loss to current No. 5 USC, but it's hard to gauge at this time.

18. TCU. Undefeated, but . . . so?

19. Cal. Recovering from blow-out loss to current No. 15 Tennessee, but against mediocre competition.

20. Boston College. Undefeated, but barely beat . . .

21. Clemson . . . who barely beat . . .

22. Florida State . . . who barely beat Miami, who got stomped by current No. 6 Louisville.

23. Arizona State. Undefeated, but untested.

24. Penn State. Blown out by Notre Dame, who was blown out by Michigan.

25. Alabama. Undefeated, but tested . . . by Vanderbilt. They're crashing the party here, and they're getting suspicious looks.