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Erik Ainge: Tennessee's running game can be fixed

Tennessee quarterback Erik Ainge believes that the Vol running game woes can be turned around:  

It's very fixable.  I watched the film with [Arron] Sears and [David] Ligon and a couple of o-linemen yesterday. Just hearing them talk about it, it is one half a block here and one half a block there or it is a guy getting off on the snap count and pushing the tight end a half a step back and not allowing the tackle to get out.

It is real small things. It is not like we aren't strong enough or fast enough or we can't physically move guys in the o-line. That is not the issue. So I think it is very fixable and I would expect a 100-percent turn around this week.

Let's hope.  It's pretty amazing that Ainge had as good of a game against Florida as he did considering the fact that the team was as one-dimensional as you'll ever see.  The team's inability to get anything out of the run game surely made it that much more difficult to succeed on the two final desperation pass plays.

The good news is that Cutcliffe and his apprentice still appear to be focused on fixing the little things, which should pay dividends this season.