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Vote for the winner of the Tennessee-Marshall Hail Mary Haiku

Okay, here are the entries for the Tennessee-Marshall Hail Mary Haiku. Vote for your favorite by clicking on the "Entry Link" below.

First up, Aerobab:

Revenge from a loss
This week WE commit cheese theft
Heard, you have no hope

Reigning three-peat champ, Corn from a Jar:

Only thunder heard
Is from Rocky Top after
Touchdown Tennessee

Smitty, who'll be Walking in Memphis this weekend:

The Herd comes to town
Revenge for Floida debacle
I'm going to Graceland

downthefield, who squeezes in a three-dollar word on his first attempt:

Old friend Walking Horse
tramples on Thundering Herd's

downthefield again, who made me laugh out loud although I couldn't explain why to my wife. Just struck me funny:

Marshall's offensive plan
hits snag trying to run through
John Chavis' mustache

And my favorite London-dwelling, Europe-traveling Vol fan, The Vol Abroad:

Marshall at Neyland
"take me home, West Virginia"
the Vols make you cry

Update [2006-9-23 7:44:29 by Joel]: D'oh! Forgot mine:

Marshall comes to town
UT, who can't stop the run
Stops Thundering Herd?

Okay, vote for your favorite by clicking "Entry Link" below and scrolling to the bottom of the page.