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What to watch and who to root for if you're a Tennessee Volunteer football fan

Well, it's not exactly Football Nirvana week, but it's still a college football weekend.  Here's what to watch and who to root for if you're a Tennessee Volunteer football fan.

The Tennessee Game

  • Tennessee v. Marshall.  PPV, 4:00.  Duh.

SEC v. SEC Games

  • Florida v. Kentucky. ESPN, 7:45. Is this a trap game for the Gators?  Can Kentucky pull the upset?  Uh, no.  But, as always, pull against the Gators anyway.

  • Alabama at Arkansas.  CBS, 3:30.  Pick your poison.  I'm going against hated rival Alabama.

National Games of Interest

Always root against the teams higher than Tennessee in the polls.  If they're both higher, root against the highest-ranked team.  Generally root for former opponents UT has beaten to make the win look more impressive.

  • Penn State v. Ohio State.  ESPN GamePlan, ch. 780, 3:30.

  • Wisconsin at Michigan.  ESPN, 12:00.

  • Notre Dame at Michigan State.  ESPN GamePlan, ch. 779, 8:00.

  • West Virginia at East Carolina.  ESPN2, 4:30.

  • Louisville at Kansas State.  FSN, 12:30.

  • Cincinnati at Virginia Tech.  ESPNU, 12:00.

  • Texas v. Iowa State.  ESPN GamePlan, ch. 779, 3:30.

  • Arizona v. Southern Cal.  ESPN GamePlan, ch. 778, 8:00.

  • Arizona State at Cal.  FSN, 3:30.

SEC v. Other Conferences

Always root for the conference in these games . . . unless the SEC team is higher than UT in the polls [maybe, this is up for debate] . . . and unless it's Steve Spurrier [not up for debate].

  • South Carolina v. Florida Atlantic.  ESPN GamePlan, ch. 777, 7:00.

  • Vanderbilt v. Tennessee State.

  • Auburn v. Buffalo.

  • Georgia v. Colorado.  ESPN GamePlan,  ch. 777, 12:30.

  • LSU v. Tulane.  ESPN GamePlan, ch. 775, 8:00.

  • Ole Miss v. Wake Forest.

  • Mississippi State at UAB.