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Rocky Top Talking Points: Memphis Wednesday edition

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Here's your Wednesday morning Tennessee Volunteer football round up:

  • Check out Aerobab's post A Win is No Longer a Win over in the diary notebook section. Follow the link and leave your thoughts on the matter.
  • Some comments from coach Fulmer on the improvement of some of Tennessee's younger players:
    Probably the most obvious has been LaMarcus Coker's continued progress, and that's good to see. He's bringing some dynamics of speed to our offensive football team, and I think he'll continue to be a nice complement to all the backs along the way during the course of the year.

    Another guy that has improved is Josh McNeil - who's seen a significant amount of time and continued to improve, mostly from a maturity standpoint, learning how to practice and do all the little things to help him be a really outstanding player.

    We've really been after our defensive front, and now you can see Wes Brown getting some significant playing time, Demonte' Bolden is really playing hard and fast, and hopefully both of the guys will continue on that path. A couple other young guys, Rico McCoy and Jacques McClendon, they kind of join Lucas Taylor, who's made some significant progress, Austin Rogers, Jonathan Crompton, and those guys have improved. We're hopeful that they'll continue on that path.

    It seems as if much of the reason some of these guys have either not started or received as much playing time as their talent might indicate they should get is because of the team's focus on discipline and practicing correctly.  That attitude has paid dividends so far, and once we're able to have both discipline and talent on the field, we should be just fine.

  • Defensive end Walter Fisher is getting some time at defensive tackle to shore up the depth at that position.
  • The coaching staff is being vocal about its disappointment in the fullback position, primarily with starter Cory Anderson.
  • It seems that every major media outlet covering the Vols has a feature on redshirt freshman Josh McNeil, who is slated to get his first start this Saturday against Memphis.  The Tennessean's is free.