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The Rocky Top Brigade on the Tennessee-Cal game

The Rocky Top Brigade has an excellent new Tennessee football aggregator.  Brilliant.  It even includes the latest Tennessee YouTubes.  Did I say brilliant?

A Rocky Top round up probably isn't necessary in light of the new RTB football aggregator, but I'm going to post some highlights anyway.  As a reminder, the Rocky Top Brigade is a loose association of bloggers with connections to the state of Tennessee.  Almost all of them post on something other than football until it's Football Time in Tennessee, and then a bunch of them start chiming in.

Anyway, some highlights:

  • Say Uncle says that "Obviously one of our rankings was wrong -- maybe both."
  • Brian's blog opines that the Vols appear to be back due to the Cutcliffe work ethic.
  • Southern Girl:
    How much did I love that California got a couple of delay-of-game calls because of the crowd noise? A lot! There's nothing like 109,000 screamin' Vols fans in a sea of orange and the band blaring "Rocky Top!"

    So, good, promising start to the season....they looked much better than they ever did last season. Then, even the wins were so UGLY, but this one was awfully nice. Now the big question is, is Tennessee really that good or is California, ranked 9th, really that bad? We shall see.

    Thank heavens for football time in Tennessee!!

  • Big Orange Michael calls it a "great way to open the season with a huge win over a quality opponent."