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Animated Drive Charts: Tennessee Volunteers at Memphis Tigers

  • 25 to 5 in first downs.

  • 566 to 121 in total yards.

  • 11 of 16 to 1 of 9 in third down conversions.

  • 4 of 5 to 0 of 0 in red zone scores out of chances.

  • LaMarcus Coker 26 carries for 126 yards.

  • Erik Ainge 23 of 27 for 324 yards and four touchdowns.

  • Robert Meachem four receptions for 157 yards.

  • Tennessee rout of Memphis.

Click on the graphics below to play the Tennessee-Memphis animated drive charts.  Look at all of those beautiful solid orange lines.

As always, links to the Rocky Top Talk animated drive charts are encouraged. When linking, though, please link to this post instead of deep linking to the chart itself, as it fouls up the stats. You can find the permalink to this post by clicking on "Entry Link" below. Thanks.