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Vote for the winner of the Tennessee-Memphis Hail Mary Haiku

Click on "Entry Link" below to vote for the winner of this week's Tennessee-Memphis Hail Mary Haiku. Here are the entries:

Rocky Top Talk

Which of many ways
Will we skin these Memphis cats?
Sharpen knives for Dawgs.

Meow, says the kitty
Woof-Woof, says the Smokey Dog
Vols win in cat-fight

Aerobab's self-critique: Excuse me while I vomit...after-all, it's a desperation play!


Party on Beale Friday
Beat Memphis on Saturday at noon
Beale again that night

Corn from a Jar

'96 was fluke
Goalposts safe this century
Kevin Cobb was down

Again, you can vote by clicking on "Entry Link" below. You can still enter by leaving an attempt in the comments, and late entries can be voted on through the comments as well. Thanks for playing.