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Soliciting reader contributions for BlogPoll Roundtable

Bruce Ciskie is hosting this week's BlogPoll roundtable.  The questions this week deal with how preseason expectations matched up (or didn't match up, as the case may be) with the first weekend's game results.

Tennessee's big win over Cal will likely figure prominently into the conversation, so I'm soliciting feedback from all of the Rocky Top Talk folks.

Here are the questions:

  1. What team best met your overall expectations of them in their opener? In other words, which team that you expected to be either really good or really bad (or somewhere in between) came the closest to making you look good?

  2. What team jumped off the map and surprised you the most? (Bonus points to anyone who can make an argument for someone besides Tennessee.)

  3. What team best moved themselves into a position to surprisingly contend for a national title?

I'll be posting answers this evening.